About me

G’Day, kamusta, and こんにちは!

I’m Glenda Jane Grande, an Australian born Filipino who has a strong interest and connection to Japan. As a multilingual, I speak English, Tagalog, and Japanese. 

I am a genderfluid (she/they) demiomni individual who has a plethora of hobbies, including but not limited to: music, games, anime, and photography.

Topics I’m especially passionate about surround POC and Asian issues, technology, and e-sports.

I am the founder of TBP News, and have two poetry collection releases. Previously, I was the chief editor at Kyoku Connect.


See What I Offer

I pride myself in being a jack of all trades and offer the following services:


Whether you would like a simple photoshoot (natural lighting only) or product photography, I can fulfil your requests. Photoshoots can be booked by contacting me via email.

Content writing and translation

I cover website, blog, magazine, and social media content. Whatever it is you need, I can write it for you. I also provide Japanese to English translations and interpreting services.

Japanese/English lessons

I am passionate about languages and communication, which was deepened with my studies in applied linguistics.

I provide online language lessons with a tailored focus on the client’s goals and needs.

Working with passions

I feel most fulfilled by working with my passions. When a person loves what they do, a level of pride and care is dedicated into the process. This also ensures that my clients receive consistent high quality work, as I take great pride in every step of my processes.